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Lessons Learned in a Boiler Room


This is my first book and is a general understanding of commercial boilers.

Lessons Learned: Connecting New Boilers to Old Pipes

This book is for anyone looking to replace a hydronic boiler.

This book covers the replacement of a hydronic or hot water boiler.

Lessons Learned Servicing Boilers

This book covers boiler maintenance and service.

This book covers the maintenance and service of boilers.

Lessons Learned A Guide to Boilers for Home Inspectors

This book is less detailed book on boilers and written to help home inspectors understand  boilers.

This book is a bit less technical  as it describes what to look for on boilers. 

Lessons Learned: Ray's Rules of HVAC

This book is filled with HVAC formulas, rules of thumb, and technical tricks of the trade.

This book is filled with formulas and rules of thumb for HVAC equipment. 

Lessons Learned: Brewing with Steam

This covers the installation, operation, and maintenance of steam systems for breweries.

This book is for anyone who owns, services, or install a steam system for breweries and distilleries